May 3, 2018

7 secrets you didn’t know about graphic design


7 secrets you didn’t know about graphic design

  1. Graphic design is about adding value.

    Graphic design is the process of visual communication that combines ideas, imagery and text to convey information to an audience to invoke an action and add value.

  2. Design is part of your everyday life.

    From the food you eat to the t-shirt on your back – design plays a major role in helping you decide what best fulfils your needs, wants and lifestyle choices.

  3. Design attracts customers.

    Graphic design is a necessity in business because it serves as one of the most important communication vehicles to deliver your brand, product or service to your customers – the other being verbal.

  4. Design gives you the power of visual persuasion.

    Graphic design allows you to persuade, announce, sell, invite, demonstrate and inform visually via a website design, package design, logo design, poster design, business cards or brochures. Graphic design legitimizes your offering as a professional organization and aids in the building of your brand for long-term profitability and success.

  5. Call to action (CTA’s) are dependent on design.

    Graphic design provides the credibility and trust factor for the all too important ‘call-to-action’. Examples include: like, follow, buy now, on sale, call today, register, learn more, available here, vote for me, visit www… or add to cart. These phrases are the basis for inbound marketingand profitability online. Without the proper design standards, conventions and methods implemented by an experienced designer or agency, you hang your online objectives on the precipice of mediocrity or failure.

  6. Graphic design is about problem-solving.

    One of the best ways to solve a problem in business or product development is through the design process. A good designer relies not only on the dominant right side of their brain for creativity, but also the left side to distil and simplify complex communication problems, visual explanations, methods, applications, diagrams and architectures to solve problems to help others understand what you’re trying to communicate.

  7. Graphic design is a very important tool in today’s business world to grab attention.

    From an early age we have learned through seeing pictures, symbols and reading words. Graphic design is the way organizations teach their customers about their products and services which makes business grow. As our society and culture steps deeper into the digital milieu of social media, texting, smartphones and content overload, it will be designs’ job to cut through the clutter and grab the world’s attention in new ways.