November 1, 2019

Cryptocurrency website

Cryptocurrency website

Do you need a Cryptocurrency website?

Every day we listen to reports on various news platforms about this or that with regard to Cryptocurrency website and with the recent market correction, the market has been in a state of confusion. Some, like ABC News that’s why it is vital to have the best Cryptocurrency website.

In simple terms cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

Having a successful website can take your business to a new level, and your website can serve as an online catalog of your product and service offerings for new and potential customers. Bizzexpose is the leading website company that will fulfill your wish for a perfectly designed Cryptocurrency website. Additionally, we can market your business offerings to additional potential buyers by advertising your website online through paid ads, and in print by adding your website address to your business cards, product inserts, email signatures and other relevant items.

Here’s how you can benefit from our website development:

  • No website design mistakes

Great content deserves a great-looking website. But a successful website relies on more than good colour choices and pretty fonts, and first impressions also count on the Internet.

  • Generate Website Traffic

The most beautiful, well-designed website won’t bring in any money if you’re the only one who’s clicking through the pages. Becoming the number one resource readers turn to online takes time, lots of solid content and a long-term plan. visit our website today on Bizzexpose or give us a call on 0312691190

What Does a 5 Page Website Come With:

  • 5 Page Website
  • Custom Design
  • Contact Form
  • Links to Social Media
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Gallery with 18 Images
  • Slide Show

Pages We Recommend:

  • Home: A great way to welcome potential clients to your website. Tell them why they should do business with your company.
  • Services/Products: A list of services your company provides.
  • Gallery: Show the world your beautiful products.
  • Testimonials: What your current clients have to say about you.
  • Contact Us: The best way for potential client to contact your company

What We Require from You to Build Your Website:

  • 10 pictures, these could be pictures of your products, services, staff, premises etc.
  • Content about your company, products and services, contact details etc. – similar to your company profile.
  • A company logo in high resolution
  • 18 images for your gallery
  • Your suggested domain name (website address, which is dependent on availability).
  • Few keywords (that you think potential clients will input in search engines like Google, to find your service offerings).

The Website Process:

  • We will require your website content, a few images and company logo in high res.
  • We then begin the design process, develop your website and add in your content.
  • Lastly, we will test your website functionality, across browser compatibility and once complete we send you your website link to view.
  • Ps: your website should be live within a week once we receive all your information.