October 11, 2019

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

What is content marketing?

This is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material. It can be in the form of such as videos, blogs, and social media posts that does not explicitly promote a brand or business. content marketing can also be described a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

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Amongst other things Benefits of Content Marketing includes attracting a clearly defined audience who are ready to buy.

The Benefits of Content Marketing includes:

  • Increases visibility of your brand
  • Develops lasting relationships with your audience
  • Improves brand awareness and recognition
  • Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects
  • Helps you to build authority and credibility
  • Positions your business as an expert in your industry
  • Generates traffic to your site to improve lead generation
  • Opens a channel of communication through social shares and comments
  • Helps your customer move through the purchase decision more quickly
  • Provides value with no strings attached

Generally, content marketing attracts prospects and transforms prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content. Content marketing helps companies create sustainable brand loyalty, provides valuable information to consumers, and creates a willingness to purchase products from the company in the future. This relatively new form of marketing does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds trust and rapport with the audience.

Specifically, there are three main key reasons and benefits for enterprises that use content marketing:

  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Better customers who have more loyalty

To achieve these benefits of Content Marketing here are tips to use to improve your business and grow online:

  • Understand the audience you are trying to reach so your content marketing efforts are not a waste of time.
  • Once you know your audience, focus on how your content can benefit them. Generate that content by answering the questions your prospects and customers have. When someone starts the buying process, they start with a search. Become the brand that answers their questions thoroughly, so they have no choice but to contact you.
  • Focus on quality content published regularly. Don’t believe you have to blog every day to succeed with content marketing. Most small businesses don’t have a marketing department that can create and distribute content as often as some folks say you should. Strive for a rate that works for you and publish useful content.
  • Be realistic in how much time you can spend on content marketing based on your resources. If you don’t have the time, consider outsourcing to someone who can produce the content and distribute it for you. Just be sure you oversee the process so what is being created aligns with your vision and beliefs. to view some of Bizzexpose work visit them on Facebook or give them a call on 031 269 1190