July 23, 2021

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with over 65 million users, is geared towards career and business professionals. LinkedIn has evolved into a B2B marketing powerhouse. It provides practical tools to assist businesses in networking, establishing new partnerships, and connecting with potential clients or customers for business purposes. If you are an entrepreneur running either a small or significant venture that caters exclusively to other entrepreneurs (business-to-business), then having a LinkedIn profile would be of great use.”

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a networking site geared towards the business world. There are all types of opportunities to be found on LinkedIn, including finding new or old jobs and marketing your brand more effectively!

LinkedIn has been around for many years now– it was first launched in 2003 as an online professional network designed specifically for businesses users mainly wanting to establish their work experience and education credentials. With so much information available about you from every company with which you’ve worked through Linkedin’s intuitive search feature, there will never again be any need (or even desire) to carry a resume along during job interviews ever again? For businesses, LinkedIn has the potential to be your most powerful networking tool. Tap into this world of opportunity, and you’ll see exponential growth in brand awareness, credibility with other businesses, and exposure for your company!

LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms in that it’s not about selling and marketing. Instead, LinkedIn encourages thoughtful discussion on topics relevant to your industry or field of expertise. It’s important to remember, though, that content creators must avoid spamming their audience with links constantly trying to sell, as this will be frowned upon by the site administrators

According to Sprout Social CEO Bill Roberts: “One reason for LinkedIn being such a great channel is because companies have purpose-built pages where they can share all sorts of compelling information.”

How to do LinkedIn marketing that works

1) Quality content is vital. This means that you should create great content on your blog and give exciting talks at seminars/conferences (you can do it online and offline). Do you know why? Because the more quality content you generate, the more people will naturally come to your profile. And the more people will come to your profile, the higher you will be ranked. So in a way, it is a self-feeding process.

2) Stay in touch, but not too much. The thing is that when you are in contact with people too often on LinkedIn, they will become annoyed and ignore your messages. Instead, connect with top influencers in your field: this is obvious, but when you get to meet people and network, don’t be afraid of introducing yourself or opening up a conversation. I’ve found that it’s pretty easy within social media for one-way communication. The fact is that the more you are willing to engage with people on LinkedIn or other Social Media platforms, the more likely you are to receive opportunities.

3) Keep a high level of activity. When I’m talking about activity, I mean all the things that you do on LinkedIn. That includes posting updates, reading and liking other people’s status, giving ratings to their posts/updates, making introductions, etc.

4) Use automation tools when possible. Tools like Hootsuite or LinkedIn Shout will help you with your daily job. Share useful information regularly

5) Do not neglect your profile. Make sure to update it every once in a while and make sure that you have enough connections. If you don’t have connections in your field or industry, then make some more. That will increase the chances of people finding your profile and becoming your clients.

These are my five tips on how to do professional LinkedIn marketing that works. I hope they will help you get more results out of this great tool and deliver more value for yourself and your customers.

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